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What's included?

  • In depth pro tips on a wide range of topics pertaining to training, hypertrophy, nutrition, keys to success & more

  • 28 lower body, glute-focused, workouts that will state: warm up, exercises, sets, reps, & tempos

  • Extensive cues section for every exercise you are instructed to perform that will include photos & step by step explanations

  • 20+ frequently asked training/nutrition/protocol questions & answers

  • Stretching, warm up, & glute activation protocol

  • Supplement suggestions

  • Training dictionary

  • 12 week training calendar

who's this ebook for?

  • The 12 Week Booty Builder Guide is for anyone who is looking to expand their knowledge on hypertrophy and train with a structured purpose

  • Through the 12 weeks, the training will get progressively harder each week

  • However, this training plan would suit anyone who is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifter due to being able to alter the intensity with adding more or less weight

  • A beginner, intermediate, and advanced lifter should all be performing the same types of exercises, so therefore this plan could suit anyone with the intention of building their lower body

*ebook will be available to download once purchased


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